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The idea of a village sign was discussed some five years ago to celebrate Derbyshire Federation of Womens Institute's 75th birthday. We also felt there was nothing in the village to indicate there is a thriving W.I. in Aston on Trent.

Robin Gibbard, a local artist of Aston on Trent, designed and researched the local historical associations of the sign and we started fund raising. The wrought?iron work was crafted at a small forge in Shardlow by Graham Dawson who was very enthusiastic when he saw the design. The sign was then taken to Staunton Harold where Tim Margett carried out the beautiful sign work in his studio. Aston on Trent Parish Council set aside a sum of money to have the base erected, which was carried out by villager and architect Phil Bilham. The Village Sign was erected in 1998 and stands on the village green opposite the White Hart.

The notes below describe the various parts of the shield, the notes are taken from the original W.I. plans.

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