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Parish Council Minutes

All Agendas and Minutes are now posted online. You can view the documents using this website. All documents on this site are available as Adobe PDF Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Please note, Agendas and Minutes will also be displayed in the Village Noticeboards.

Document PDF Download
Draft Minutes December 2017 DRAFT Minutes December 2017v2.pdf
Approved Minutes November 2017 APPROVED Minutes November 2017.pdf
Approved minutes October 2017 Approved Minutes October 2017.pdf
Approved minutes September 2017 APPROVED Minutes September 2017.pdf
Approved Minutes August 2017 Approved Minutes August 2017.pdf
Approved Minutes July 2017 Approved Minutes July 2017.pdf
Approved Extraordinary Meeting RIA Improvement Project July 2017 APPROVED Extraordinary Parish Meeting RIA Centre Improvement Project 4 July 2017.pdf
Approved Minutes June 2017 Approved Minutes June 2017.pdf
Approved Minutes May 2017 APPROVED Minutes May 2017 .pdf
Approved Minutes April 2017 Approved Minutes April 2017.pdf
Draft minutes Annual Parish Meeting 18 April 2017 draft APM Minutes April 2017.pdf
Draft minutes March 2017 draft Minutes March 2017 v1.pdf
Draft Minutes Feb 2017 draft Minutes Feb 2017.pdf
Draft minutes Jan 2017 draft Minutes Jan 2017.pdf
Draft minutes Dec 2016 draft Minutes Dec 2016.pdf
Draft minutes Nov 2016 draft Minutes Nov 2016.pdf
Draft Minutes Oct 2016 draft Minutes Oct 2016.pdf
Draft minutes Sept 2016 draft Minutes Sept 2016.pdf
Draft minutes August 2016 draft Minutes 9 August 2016.pdf
draft minutes July 2016 draft Minutes 19 July 2016.pdf
draft Minutes June 2016 draft Minutes 21 June 2016.pdf
Draft minutes May 2016 draft Minutes 17 May 2016.pdf
Draft Minutes April 2016 draft Minutes 19 April 2016.pdf
Richborough meeting Public Meeting held on Tuesday 21 April 2016 to discuss the proposal of Richborough Estates to build 80 houses on land off Weston Road.pdf
Draft minutes March 2016 draft Minutes 15 Mar 2016.pdf
Draft minutes Feb 2016 draft Minutes 16 Feb 2016.pdf
Local Plan Part 2 response Local Plan Part 2.pdf
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